Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey

If you have ever listened to Dave Ramsey for more than ten minutes you know that he is all about being practical. He will tell you himself that he has made a good bit of money in the financial advice market mainly by telling people things that deep down they already knew. Seriously, he proudly states on his popular radio show that he “gives you the same advice your grandmother would, only he keeps his teeth in”. So it’s really not surprising that Dave’s ideas on leadership are along the same vein. Nothing fancy, just practical implementation of things that, for the most part, should be common sense.

As a frequent listener of Dave’s radio show podcasts I had frequently heard him talk about what he referred to as Entreleadership, a blend of entrepreneur and leader. I had been impressed with the rubber meets the road practicality of what I had heard and looked forward to reading his book, Entreleadership, when it was released in September 2011. I bought the Kindle ebook version which I highly recommend as it came with embedded links to additional materials, and Dave didn’t disappoint. He starts the book by warning the reader that he is not going to introduce anything ground-breaking and he lives up to that promise. Instead, he gives examples of how to implement elements of good leadership and business that I often already knew, but failed to utilize on a regular basis. His writing style is pure Dave Ramsey, sensible, thoughtful, practical, sometimes funny, and sometimes in your face. Just like on his radio show, he tells it like it is. It was an easy, entertaining read, and I found myself having difficulty putting it down. When I was done I felt that I had gained a head-full of tips and tricks that I could, and should, actually use on a regular basis. I also had the urge to go buy some nice stationary.

All in all it was a great book. If you are a leader, ever hope to be a leader, own your own business, or have a job, I highly recommend this book. You will walk away from it with the urge to go make something happen, and have some additional tools to do so.

Check out Entreleadership here or the Kindle edition here.

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